4 Clever Ways to Boost Your SEO Using Social Media

01/19/2017 12:17 pm ET | Updated Jan 19, 2017

Everybody knows that if your company can't be found online you have no chance at success.

Social media is a great way for companies to become more discoverable. When it comes to social media marketing strategy, the top priority should always be to drive traffic to the company website where prospects can learn more about your offerings and potentially buy.

Always remember at the end of the day, the number of followers you have and likes you get don't matter if they aren't buying from you.

I'm going to share four strategies I use with companies that I advise on their social media marketing strategy. Your company can use these tips too to drive more traffic to your website and boost your search engine rankings.

1) Use Emojis on Twitter

Using Emojis makes your tweets more fun. However, more important, they can make the links stand out in your tweets and encourage more people to click on them. I've noticed a 20% higher click-through rate for my clients' tweets that contain emojis. Emojis makes your tweets more fun. However, more important, they can make the links stand out in your tweets and encourage more people to click on them.

Check out this recent tweet I did as an example.

2) Memes and Infographics Get Shared

Convert your company's blog posts into infographics and memes. Then share them along with the link with a call to action directing people to click on the link to read the whole blog post on your website. Memes and infographics stand out in people's feeds on all social media platforms and get shared more often than just sharing a link by itself.

Use the memes to highlight the best quotes from the article along with a memorable image. When you turn one blog post into 3 or 4 pieces of content by making memes and infographics, it gives your blogs more shelf life by being able to share the same link with a different look each time.

If you're sharing a link by itself 3 or 4 times, it will look the same each time; depending on the platform, you might get reported for spam. Here's an example of an infographic I created to help promote one of my articles here on Inc. via my Twitter page.

There are several programs available that will help you quickly and inexpensively create memes and infographics. Personally, I use Canva.

3) Publish to Multiple Sites

All the SEO experts will tell you to publish your blog posts to your company website first. Then, republish them to popular blogging platforms like Medium, beBee, and LinkedIn. Putting your business's blog posts on additional sites will expand their reach significantly.

It only takes a few minutes to copy and paste your blogs from your website into these other sites. Doing so gives you additional exposure for your posts and drives more traffic to your website. Make sure to use hyperlinks on keywords within the blog posts that are directed to your company website. Each time someone clicks on these keywords within the posts, they will be taken to a page on your website where they can learn more and engage further with your company.

4) Use Calls to Action on Instagram

Instagram still only gives you one clickable link on your profile. However, if you use it cleverly, a substantial amount of web traffic can be generated.

The Light Center is an example of a small business I advise that has a rocking presence on Instagram and uses it to drive traffic to their website.

I love the way they give a shout-out to a vendor in this Instagram post. Doing so means that the vendor will likely share the post to their followers, gaining more exposure for both of them.

Also, you will notice how they use a call to action to drive traffic from Instagram to their website. They use a similar call to action in each post on Instagram.

With over 8,000 followers to date, Instagram has been a highly effective platform for this small business to gain visibility, strengthen vendor relations, and drive tons of traffic to their website.

About the author:

John White is the CMO and founder of Social Marketing Solutions. He is also a brand ambassador for beBee (a startup social-media site based on affinity networking with 10.5 million global users). John writes at the crossroads of social media, entrepreneurialism, startups, and marketing. Last year, he completed his MBA in marketing. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Fort Collins, Colorado. @juanblanco76


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